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    "Dear Unforgettable Brother":The Stavig Letters from Norway & America, 1881–1937

    Jane Torness Rasmussen (editor). John S. Rasmussen (editor).

    These letters give a personal glimpse into the lives of two brothers:
    one who emigrated and one who stayed.

    Categories: Biographies and Memoirs, New Books

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    Circling Back Home: A Plainswoman's Journey

    Darcy Lipp-Acord (author).

    2014 WILLA Literary Award Finalist

    2014 Will Rogers Medallion Award Finalist

    A contemporary memoir about family, faith, and life on the edge of the plains.

    Categories: Award Winning Books, Biographies and Memoirs, eBooks, New Books

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    Controlled Recklessness: Ed Lemmon and the Open Range

    "Controlled Recklessness is well told, well documented, well indexed, and well worth reading."—Montana The Magazine of Western History

    “Ed Lemmon epitomized the rough-and-ready spirit that built today’s cowboy culture. Nathan Sanderson has made a significant contribution to our history in recording and exploring the life of this amazing South Dakotan.”—Bernie Hunhoff, South Dakota Magazine

    Categories: Biographies and Memoirs, Exploring South Dakota, New Books

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    County Capitols: The Courthouses of South Dakota

    Arthur L. Rusch (author). Jason Haug (contributor).

    Functionality, style, and survival: the building of South Dakota's courthouses.

    "Readers from Nebraska, Minnesota, and other neighboring states should not overlook this book."—Nebraska History

    County Capitols "makes an excellent addition to South Dakota state history shelves."—The Midwest Book Review

    Categories: General South Dakota History, Historical Preservation Series, New Books

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    Governors' Portraits

    Dan Brosz.

    The third chapbook from the SDSHS Press showcases the portraits of the South Dakota governors that hang in the South Dakota state capitol.

    Categories: Exploring South Dakota, General South Dakota History, New Books

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    Hugh Glass: Grizzly Survivor

    Now Available!

    You can now order the latest South Dakota Biography Series book! Find out the real story behind the infamous frontiersman.

    Categories: Biographies and Memoirs, Exploring South Dakota, General South Dakota History, New Books, South Dakota Biography Series

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    Love Letters from Mount Rushmore: The Story of a Marriage, a Monument, and a Moment in History

    Richard Cerasani (author).

    Celebrate Mount Rushmore's 75th Anniversary

    The discovery of an old trunk leads to a story of love, opportunity, and yearning set during the carving of Mount Rushmore.

    Categories: Black Hills Books, New Books

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    Natives of a Dry Place: Stories of Dakota before the Oil Boom

    Richard Edwards (author).

    A reflective journey to a time before big oil

    Natives of a Dry Place "is surprising, inspiring, deeply personal—and a page-turner."—Lincoln Journal Star

    Categories: Biographies and Memoirs, New Books

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    Plains Political Tradition: Essays on South Dakota Political Culture, Volume 2

    Jon Lauck (editor). John E. Miller (editor). Donald C. Simmons, Jr. (editor).

    A continuation in the study of South Dakota's political culture.

    Categories: New Books

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    Red Cloud: Oglala Legend

    John D. McDermott (author).

    Latest South Dakota Biography Series book!

    “No Indian of modern times can compare with him in ability, courage and statecraft.”
    —Denver Times, 16 April 1902

    A celebrated warrior who led his people to victory on the battlefield, Red Cloud was also a skilled diplomat who transitioned the Oglala Sioux to reservation life. In Red Cloud: Oglala Legend, John D. McDermott examines Red Cloud’s early years, his rise to prominence, and his struggle to protect his people from cultural domination.

    Categories: Biographies and Memoirs, Exploring South Dakota, General South Dakota History, New Books, South Dakota Biography Series

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    Tasunka: A Lakota Horse Legend

    Donald F. Montileaux (author).

    Award-Winning Book

    "The return of Tasunka to the plains people was the Great Spirit's way of forgiveness. . . . and great horsemen rode the plains once again."

    Categories: For Young Readers, New Books

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    Transformation and Continuity in Lakota Culture: The Collages of Arthur Amiotte, 1988–2014

    Arthur Amiotte (author). Louis S. Warren (contributor). Janet Catherine Berlo (contributor).

    Award-Winning Book

    “Arthur’s singular gift is his ability to communicate both visually and verbally, and to do so with humor, grace, knowledge, and insight.”—Janet Catherine Berlo, University of Rochester

    Categories: New Books

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