Why We Love History

Perspectives from Authors and Illustrators

Original thoughts on the importance of history from award-winning authors and illustrators
Why We Love History


$3.00, Paperback
ISBN: 9780984650521

The first South Dakota Historical Society Press Chapbook

This chapbook takes the lead from those original publications, with pages filled with thoughts and ideas from historians, authors, and illustrators who have worked within the realm of South Dakota history. Each contributor was asked to consider why they love history and to write a short piece on that subject. Our authors and illustrators consider fascinating topics, crafting their stories out of archives, journals, books, newspapers, and so on. The person, place, or era they write about is, as it should be, the focus of the reader. But, it is also important that the historian himself becomes accessible to the reader. Why did he or she choose to write about this topic? What inspired them to search for the truth in among all the detritus that history tends to leave behind? Indeed, why do they like history at all, which is, of course, the central question of this book. Compiled here for the first time are those writings.

Carolyn Digby Conahan
Marshall Damgaard
Pamela Smith Hill
Suzanne Barta Julin
Mary A. Kopco
Nancy Tystad Koupal
Marilyn Kratz
Michael L. Lawson
Merlyn Magner
James D. McLaird
John E. Miller
Paula M. Nelson
David J. Ode
Marc Rasmussen
Molly P. Rozum
Jay D. Vogt
David Volk
Jerry Wilson
David A. Wolff

What is a chapbook?
Five hundred years ago in England, street sellers known as chapmen began selling small books, pamphlets, treaties, and manifestos. These publications, usually numbering thirty to sixty pages, became extrememly popular with the average (literate) citizen. Quickly, the little books took the name "chapbooks" in homage to those who sold them.